How We Build A Home - Foundation Part 1

Welcome to our newest video series "How We Build A Home". This video series will take you through the process of home construction from foundation to finishes presenting the methods (and some of our secrets!) that we employ to build an AllenStyle Home.

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By AllenStyle Homes 3-23-2017

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Allen Style Homes - Model Home Spotlight

We are proud of our model homes. Here a few we are very proud of: Princeton Parke, Rockwell Parke, and South Fork. Princeton Parke and Rockwell Parke were both featured in the Parade of Homes.

Rockwell Parke

Rockwell Parke in Edmond is being featured in this year’s... [read more]

By Allen Style Homes 9-28-2016

30 Year vs 15 Year New Home Financing

You have picked the right home in the right neighborhood at the right price. Now it is time to consider your financing options. You may be considering a 15-year mortgage over a 30-year mortgage. Which one is the best for my new home purchase? Answering this... [read more]

By AllenStyle Homes 8-19-2016


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